We have interviewed these Sephardic
families in Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania,
Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia and Croatia

You can find these Sephardic names
in our photo database - each of them
mentioned in one of our photo

Choose a city or town and we`ll show you the pictures we`ve collected from
Sephardic families that were taken

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American Sephardi Federation

Casa Sefarad Israel

Holocaust fund of the Jews from Macedonia

The Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture (FASSAC)



-The Sephardic Slideshow

-Güler Orgun, Istanbul

-Matilda Albuhaire, Sofia

-A Bulgarian Holocaust Documentary

-Survival in Sarejevo: Friendship in a time of war

-Beno Ruso and Roza Kamhi

-Matilda and Breda Kalef "Three Promises"


The Sephardic Recipe Archive